The Travelling Canon AF35 Project - Custodian #2 - Dimitri Hon

I would like to say that Dimitri is my friend but we've never actually met, him and I occupy the same internet forum and both share a love for photography. Having 'internet friends' is a strange concept for many people but I embrace it, I enjoy the combination of animosity and camaraderie that meeting people purely through shared interests brings.

Dimitri is custodian number 2 in a rapidly growing list of people wanting to be involved with the project, he's based in London, here are his thoughts on the Canon AF35 SPRINT:

Getting a chance to play with a new camera that cost £1 can plunge one in to a surprising amount of anxiety. Once you get past the fact that you are probably taking photos for the narcissistic endeavour of refusing to accept one's own mortality you are faced with the fact that the diminutive value of the device its self is making you compete with you alone, more than anything.

Realising this embarrassingly stereotypical male-photographer trait like an old memory that still makes you cringe, I decided to just have fun instead and hit a few spots I enjoy taking photos and see what happens.

You see, I'm fundamentally lazy, so the first place I decide to go is the Barbican. For those of you that live outside the M25, this is essentially the Vatican for brutalist architecture. It really is that great. It's such blindingly good subject matter that you could point your camera anywhere and it will probably look a bit arty, at worst. It's like Cuba but cheaper to get to.
I got maybe one keeper from there, and that was from my "cop-out" spot, overlooking a pavement, right in to people's domes. Not exactly original but unique in its perspective, until drones arrived at least.


Otherwise, I got pretty fixated on camper vans. There's quite a few in London but what I found interesting was the reluctance to blatantly photograph them up close in case someone was home, so I inadvertently ended up with really voyeuristic angles, which could develop in to something...
I have to nod to Tina Kino in this instance, as she did a really nice series on modded vans in Berlin whereas I just took a few shit photos of a couple of transit vans in Finsbury Park... But there's something compelling about people living like nomads in little capsules next to the pavement.

My last location was Walthamstow market, which can be a tricky place to photograph. Some days you're just compelled to climb a bollard, throw caution to the wind and be ballsy whereas on others, you become camera shy and shoot from the hip. It all depends on the mood at the time and on this day, I wasn't feeling the urge to get in people's faces (which is usually an indicator of do the opposite).

All in all, it was fun to photograph loosely again, which is something, even with the infinity of digital, we forget. I had no idea if the film was colour or B&W or how accurate the frame lines were, so it was very much a case of going on feeling.


It's a good exercise. Good in the sense that you will ultimately be slightly disappointed but not so much so that you still feel like you learned something, no matter how intangible.

I learned that I photograph compulsively.

Thanks to Dimitri for participating and for posting on the camera to custodian #3!

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