The Travelling Canon AF35 Project - Custodian #6 - Anton Solyaev


Thanks to Anton for being a good sport and getting involved in the project! This episode wouldn't have happened without Em at Emulsive and her fantastic secret santa gift swap.

 I slipped the little AF Sprint into Anton's secret Santa package and shipped it off to Russia and this is the result. Over to Anton and his experience of the AF35.

Anton Solyaev

Anton Solyaev

I was pleasantly surprised to find this small travelling Canon AF35 in the parcel with the Emulsive Santa Gift! It was a childhood memory about my first small film camera that fitted in pocket and my first photographic experience with it. I read the story about travelling camera, about my mission and found a roll of Portra 400.

It was a dark winter with bad warm weather, there was too much rain and no snow, no interesting light. So it was a challenge to shoot something at this time! But one day heavy snowfalls begun and after that I got out to take pictures. I was afraid of automatic exposures mistakes because of many snow and too many white, but it worked correctly. I met young guy with huge digital camera and long telephoto lens in park, he looked at me with big eyes; "Is it really a film camera? There are still people who shoot on film?"


It's very easy to use this Canon, you don't need to think about apertures or focus, no heavy lens and big bag for them. Just find something interesting and push the button. Just creativity! And very nice pictures as the result, you know!


My little Canon worked absolutely normal in light frost (-5 degrees centigrade), automatic exposure was correct and mechanisms worked good. The optics is hard and sharp, something like Tessar scheme, I think, no soft effects at all. I really liked the colors!

I am grateful for the opportunity to talk to this camera. It was very useful, thank you!


Wow, I love this set of images, thanks Anton, it’s only taken me 12 months to collate this blog post and I’m sorry there was such a delay. Something about having two young children seems to shrink my free time and energy for photography projects!

Seeing as the camera is now in russia I would love to hear from anyone else in russia or eastern Europe that would be interested in being the next custodian for the might (average) Travelling Canon AF Sprint!

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Are you interested in getting involved? If so please get in touch!