The Travelling Canon AF35 Project - Custodian #5 - Tina Kino

My little plastic fantastic Canon had a tough time getting to Berlin and my friend Tina Kino. In fact it never made it to Berlin at all! We assumed it lost, and Rob was kind enough to replace it with a racy red model fresh from German eBay.

Well, that little red replacement arrived in Berlin and Tina was happily snapping away, no doubt thoroughly underwhelmed by it's rank mediocrity, when unfortunately the replacement went and broke, it's tiny little film advance cog now just a cog.

Sorry Rob, that wasn't a great return on your investment in this project!

Thanks to Tina for being involved in the project and for procuring another replacement camera; now on it's way to the USA for the next leg in it's journey.

I recommend you check out Tina's feed on Tumblr here especially love her ongoing series of camper-vans and mattresses on the streets of Berlin.

And now onto Tina's (sadly limited) experience with the Canon AF35 Sprint.

Tina Kino

Tina Kino

My first ever camera was a Canon Sprint (not this exact model, but a similar one).
It sold for 100,- Deutsche Mark if I recall correctly, and that was a lot of money back then,
I loved shooting with it - and there's still some prints of it in the family albums.

So when I saw Michael was doing this travelling-camera-thing with one of these Canons I was quick to ask whether I could join!
It's all pretty self-explanatory with point-and-shoot like this, but to be honest I couldn't wrap my head around the flash / macro mode,
so I did look for the manual online (hint: it's here).

This must be one of these rare point-and-shoots with a built-in flash-supported macro-mode for taking pictures of flowers, indoors.
I love the cute yellow indicator on the necktstrap that helps you with the close-focussing-distance.
Further it says that Flash is alwas used with close-up photography so please don't take pictures of people's faces
: ]

So this is pretty much what I did (not photographing real people though, but printed faces, in advertisments).

It was fun!
It's a neat little camera that does what it says it does, the lens is not one of the best there is, but it's reasonably sharp and contrasty, and colours are good.
One of the best things about is that it really looks like one of these cameras that people just don't take seriously.
I shot a couple of my friends with it at well, some very hesistant usually, but with this little thing they suddenly didn't seem to care.

Oh, one more I really liked - the one with the balloons! 
: ]

Film was Kodak Ultramax 400 by the way.

This is on it's way to the next custodian in the US of A.. with best greetings from Berlin!

Love,  Tina Kino

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