Unity Photo Competition - Win This Beautiful Ihagee Exa

Competition Closed! 

Thanks to everyone that entered and I have to say I'm really stunned at the variety and quality of the images you have submitted!

Thanks to you all for getting involved!

The competition is now closed for entries, the judges will be looking over all the images to produce a shortlist and then whittle down to our winner from there.

I'm going to post all the images to a gallery page soon so look out for that and please feel free to share the post.

Deadline Extension

Hi Folks,

Thanks to everyone that has submitted an entry so far! I'm extending the deadline by one week to allow 35mmc.com readers to get involved as Hamish has just published my mini review of the Exa.

The new closing date will be 11/09/16 at 23:59.

Good luck to you all!


It feels like we are living in 'interesting' and often depressing times; the rise of Trump, Brexit, war and terrorism abound. It's hard to look at the news each day knowing I'll be faced with reports of senseless violence, ever more divisive statements and extreme views being given increasing airtime.

It's all to easy to believe that the world is becoming an ever more dangerous and dark place, so time for some good news! You can win this beautiful Ihagee Exa 35mm SLR camera! Not sure that it's going to fix our existential problems but it's a start!

This photo competition is my small personal antidote to these tough times, I hope it can highlight some of our own personal 'good news' stories!

Who can resist that waist level view finder, shot with Olympus OM-D E-M1 and Voigtlander 10.5mm F0.95

This Ihagee Exa, produced in Dresden in the 1950's, which was still part of east Germany at that time; is a clean example of one of the earliest SLR camera's, is capable of taking stunning images and is a beautiful object, I could easily leave it sitting out on a shelf, but to me that would be a waste of a great fun camera. I want to see it used!

One point perspective, shot with the Exa on Agfa Vista 200.

When it comes to use the Exa is limited to a max shutter speed of 1/150th, focusing is done with the lens wide open before stopping down to make your exposure and focusing on the ground glass waist level finder is a bit of an art but that all adds to the charm, it's a proper manual camera.

Coming and going. Shot with Exa on way expired Kodachrome 25 and developed by Photoghost Lab as B+W

The Ihagee Exa is an East German artefact, it dates from a time when Europe was more divided place, post WWII. These division took a long time to heal and Germany was only re-united in 1990, I was only 6 years old but I remember receiving a chunk of 'the wall' and almost understanding the significance,

And that (tenuously) links to my theme for the photo contest to win this lovely camera; I want to see your best image on the theme of "Unity", you can interpret this as you like,  but the photo has to be your own work.

The Rules:

  1. The image can be taken on any camera and medium (film/digital) you like and edited as you see fit but must be on your interpretation on the theme 'Unity'
  2. The photo must be your own, I want to know the story behind it. I don't care if you are a snapper or a professional photographer I want to get involved.
  3. By submitting your image you agree are willing for me to publish your photo here on my blog and social media, you retain the copyright.
  4. The images will all be posted to the gallery on this page and when the competition closes on the 11th of September 2016 at 23:50 they will be shortlisted and judged by a few photographers and myself. The winner will be announced on the 25th of September 2016
  5. You promise to play the Exa forward once you are finished with it, don't leave it sitting on shelf!
  6. I will judge if your photo meets the rules, my judgement is final :) 

Unity Photograph Competition Entries